lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Sailing, philosophy, sex and madness

That is how my second favorite book*, is described by the New York Times... And that's kind of how I want my life to be described to. Is it set in stone if I put on my blog what my life goal is? Well whatever, my life goal is to buy a sail boat, and go from japan to new zeland, with my wife... and a cat.

It's technically my first because if I put Lila and ZAMM together. I still don't know wich one I like the most though.

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

If this is the sartorialist's father, I want to be his grandson

Bill Cunningham New York trailer

Inside job

Here is an extra reason why I have to be an architect.

Since Plato's time, art has always been on a lower level then sciences, it was there to satisfy an "inferior" human need. An we still see that idea today, and believe it or not, the art students are probably the ones telling those idiots that they are right. I might sound weird at first, but if you think about it, if somebody is good in both, he'll be encouraged by most to go in the science direction, and most of the time, an art student is only someone that didn't understand science. We are the ones that "couldn't do it", "ooohhhh, you don't like math", says the theacher, "well maybe you should do biology", "oooh, you don't understand that either? Well I guess your only option left is art".

And this is where architecture arrives.
Science doesn't see it as an outsider, because it speaks its language. It speaks in laws and equations, so science blindfully falls in love with it, saying that what he does is (scientifically beautiful). Well I guess that explains why science loved the building at first, but why does it fall in love with it every day? That he can't explain with laws an equations. Inside job.

They speak the same language, but they don't talk about the same thing. One talks about a world it invented (science), and the other one talks about a world that doesn't exist (art). The architect is doing the translation for both of them.
Architecture is such a wonderful world because it is perfectly balanced between static paterns (science) and dynamic paterns (art). That's what I want to do for the rest of my life, getting paid to do relax on the line between insanity and reality. Colorful chaos and symetrical stability.