domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

The opinion

Impossible, an other "the opinion on..." influenced by the book ZAMM. I don't know how much it influences my ideas anymore, but my whole creating a blog, buying a camera, having an opinion thing was started by me reading that book.
The opinion on this subject is a strong one, so watch out, and if you want to get mad, send me an e-mail on facebook, my adress is

I say; musicians, or let me say, people with knowledge of music are snobby. I'll add more, snobby souls that are moving their fat lips talking about something that they shouldn't even think of. And that thing is Quality of art. Of a rythm or of a tone or of a song, doesn't matter, but Quality. By the way, by Quality I pretty much mean beauty, but I don't like beauty in this case, I feel like it's reserved for visual arts, so Quality. And Quality is a weird thing, because it does exist, that's undeniable, but it is; however, undescribable.

Don't get me wrong, the conclusion of this "the opinion on..." is not going to be about "everybody have their own opinion", I'll leave those cheesy lines to the next 100 animation movies, this is about the other side of liking or not liking something, the Quality of the object it's self.

I should however describe briefly the weird line between your tastes and the Quality of the thing. Example, garbage has NO quality of taste, chocolate has a lot. But saying that nobody likes garbage and every body likes chocolate is not true, that's where your taste have a little part in the debate, but that's all. Same thing for shapes, textures and sounds. Nobody likes a little kid beating the drums, or nails on a blackboard, because it has no quality.
So let's get back to the horrible relationship music and Quality have. When people hate something about a song or a rythm they either talk about Quality, which is a mistake, or something even more superficial, which is a bigger mistake.

Let's take Bieber, my favorite example, people hate him for an amazing amount of superficial reason. They prove themselves wrong with their one reasons. Let's try this game, I'll say something that I've heard about Justin Bieber, and then tell you why it makes no sense. He sings with the voice of a girl, however you listen to music with girls singing, therefore the sex of his voice is not a good reason not to like him. His lyrics are not deap enough, but you listen to music without a vocalist, actually, voice is most of the time, just an other instrument, so what he says is not as much important as how he says it, better said, how he sings it. He's too popular, too fake. Ya but you listen to the Beatles, Eminem or the Rolling Stones; so his popularity has nothing to do with it, and who are you to talk about realness.

Starting to get my drift? So after all that, there's one other reason why you wouldn't like Bieber, and that's where the mix between Quality and simply just not liking it gets in. So lets check out both options, is the Quality just not there, or does it simply just doesn't make your foot bounce to the beat? Well, the Quality of his music is obviously there, the kid has sold more than a billion album, so he can't be that bad. So the only other reason is that you don't like it, but why? (Before you read the next paragraph, think about why you like or don't like JB)

If you found a reason, you didn't hear one thing I said. The only thing that would make you not like it, is the little opinion that your personal tastes have to say in the debate of you liking it or not liking it. But any other thing has nothing to do with it, and that's what makes you a snobbish person with an opinion on music.

Have you ever notice that music is the only art that we even talk about things like that, knowing what the artist looks like is already wrong, the artist it self doesn't have anything to do with the Quality of his music. He can be a girl, boy, computer, gay, straight, black, white, those things have nothing to do with the Quality of his music.

So here it is, the opinion on music, quality, but more specifically, the connexion that, us human, should never talk about, our mind is not great enough to talk about Quality.

Just wanted to informed you why I got so passionate on this subject. First, because I got enough of snobbish opinion on music, and second, the subject of Quality is beautifully undesribable. Sometimes, I get so caught up on the reason of every thing, I get depress not finding out, and that's where I find refugee in Quality of art, because I don't even start looking for a reason, I know it doesn't exist.

Now put your headphones on and listen to your favorite song, have a good day.

viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011


Wow I hate taking pictures of myself. But; this blog is not for me, is for my family and friends, and honestly, The haven't really seen me in a damn long time, so I felt bad and decided to go over my 14 year old self conscious problem and post some pictures of me myself and I.

The photographer's favorites

Those are the pictures that still take my breath away. Not very the place or the moment or the people, but actually just the beauty of the picture.


You don't share good moments alone. Actually, the people you are with is the only think necessary for good moments. And here are my good moments sharer, the people with whom I've been sleeping, eating, drinking and doing other stuff that I wont talk about.

One last detail before you check out the pictures, what the hell means papaloy? It's a term I'll be using a lot. This word was first said by Guilherme from Brazil, it pretty much means brother, boss, bad ass mother fucker. The point is, papaloy is a sacred word that you shouldn't give to anyone.

Philipp (Germany), the only other guy in my city, so it's obvious that we're good friends

Tomas (Slovakia), a guy I had a chance to really meet this trip, the original ''jefe'' (means boss in spanish)

Cullen (USA), the under-cover American (I say undercover because he spends his time trying to figure out ways so people wont find out he's American), he is however very proud to be american and a good friend of mine since the begining.

Cullen and Guilherme (Brazil)

Mariana (brazil), Cullen and Tim (Switzerland)

Tim doing a stupid face. This guy is in a tie with Cullen for my best cholula partner. Cholula is a street full a clubs and bars in Puebla.

Sunny (Thailand). What else can we say then LOL

Cullen, Mariana, Sara and Olivia (or the other way around, both from Brazil) and Livia (Brazil). These girls are four good reasons why I love Brazil so much. And you know how when a girl is pretty in north america or europe she almost automatically becomes a bitch. Well that tradition is not in Brazil, these girls are some of the funniest ones I know. The problem is they almost don't speak english, so I don't know if they will understand all the compliments I'm giving them.

João (Brazil). A good friend that I only hsd the chance to meet this trip. The type of guy that will take every opportunity he has to fuck shit up. But you just can't get mad at him.

My home girl Abbey (Canada). I had to put this picture, I had never seen someone so proud before seeing her finding a vancouver canucks poncho on the streets of Playa del Carmen.

The two twins with in the center, my best friend from all of mexico, Luana (Brazil). Without her in my city, I would probably be back in Canada by now.

Guilherme (Brazil), the original papaloy. A guy that will party his ass off, but then take care off every one thats drunk crying because he's just that much of a good person. Once again, breaking the stereotype that every party animal is not a douche bag. He is also a reason why I love brazil so much. PAPALOY!!!!!!!!!!!

Leon (Germany), my expedition buddy. He was the only one that actually had the energy to visit all the pyramids and ask the guides questions with me. Without him and Cullen, I would not know so much about Mexico.

Lourenço (Brazil). An other Brazilian I just had an amazing time with. Dancing, drinking and signing. Also part of the papaloyes.

Sorry to every one that was part of my ruta maya and I didn't post on this blog, I just didn't want to put your ugly picture on my site. Just kidding!!!!!!!!, I probably didn't have a good picture. However, special hello to Marcelo, another papaloy that made my trip amazing.

Big thanks to everyone, it's my first day back and I'm really really depressed already. Those were some of the best moments of my life. (This last sentence made me cry)

Ruta maya en 6

Finding 6 pictures to describe the trip of a lifetime was actually not that hard. Yeah I'm only showing places, but the people pictures are in the next post. Those six places were the places that took my breath away, simple as that.

El canon del sumidero

Cascadas de agua azul


Chichen Itza



jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011


Salut tous le monde, sorry for the lack of news, I've been in Guatemala for the last few days, wich means a not phone signal no internet signal... But I'm back, that's the important, and before I explain this picture, here is a mini resumé of the ruta 'till now. We did one cool thing, call canon del sumidero (the number 4 on my list), then we went to guatemala for some reunions of the rotary. Since Guatemala is normally not part of the Ruta Maya,we had to drive a lot, and for the last two days, we've been driving in hot sweaty Mexico, and worst thing is, yesterday one of the two buses broke down, so we had to joined all in one. We we're continuingly changing between floor and chair, between under someone and over someone. Painful but amazingly amusing. So the Ruta Maya up 'till now has been reunion and 2-3 awesome things. But the best part is yet two come, from Merida up to Cancun. Today, we're visiting a national park full of flamingos, but I'm already suppose to be down staris ready to leave, and I'm not dressed up or clean to go Oh well, arriving late is part of being a good mexicain
Don't have much time, this is call cascadas de agua azul. Two hours jumping off a rope in water clearer then air. Amazing.

Hasta la vista bebe