jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011


Salut tous le monde, sorry for the lack of news, I've been in Guatemala for the last few days, wich means a not phone signal no internet signal... But I'm back, that's the important, and before I explain this picture, here is a mini resumé of the ruta 'till now. We did one cool thing, call canon del sumidero (the number 4 on my list), then we went to guatemala for some reunions of the rotary. Since Guatemala is normally not part of the Ruta Maya,we had to drive a lot, and for the last two days, we've been driving in hot sweaty Mexico, and worst thing is, yesterday one of the two buses broke down, so we had to joined all in one. We we're continuingly changing between floor and chair, between under someone and over someone. Painful but amazingly amusing. So the Ruta Maya up 'till now has been reunion and 2-3 awesome things. But the best part is yet two come, from Merida up to Cancun. Today, we're visiting a national park full of flamingos, but I'm already suppose to be down staris ready to leave, and I'm not dressed up or clean to go Oh well, arriving late is part of being a good mexicain
Don't have much time, this is call cascadas de agua azul. Two hours jumping off a rope in water clearer then air. Amazing.

Hasta la vista bebe

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