miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

tengan un buen dia

they say hip-hop onyl destroy, tell them look at him boy

martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

Ruta Maya

We are now doing the one month countdown before the trip of a life time, 18 days through Mexico's south coast, going down to guatemala and up to Cancun. Like every trip, half of it is the planification, the ''omg omg omg, 15 days life!!!'' period. And this is what this post is all about. 75% of it will be about telling you the 5 things I can't wait to do, and the other 25% will be about making you so jealous, you'll be starting spanish class on google translate. So here we go, the top five things I can't wait to do in the trip of a lifetime, Ruta Maya.

5. Brazilians: I know, that's not a place, neither something to do, but it's a way of living. It will be my way of living for those 18 days. Taking life slow, being awake from 6h00 a.m. up to 1h00 a.m., bringing 2 shirts and a bathing suit and doing stuff just because in your head your like ''when will be the next time I can do this?''. That's brazil life. It's actually impossible to describe, you just feel it, you smell it, you hear it, we just do it. Yes I said ''we'', I really consider myself brazilian :)
4. Dia 2 - Cañon del sumidero: The pictures can talk for themselves

3. Dia 10 - Palenque-Uxmal: (This explication counts for number 3 and 2.) Ok, this is really not something hard to explain. This trip was called after them. They were the leaders in math, languages, art, architecture and astronomy. If you compare them to other pre-spanish civilization they ruled for a damn long time (Ince: 350 years, Aztec: 350 years, Maya: More then 1000 years). They are the Maya, the most bad-ass civilization after Chuck Norris. We will be visiting some of the most famous parts of their empire. What else is their to say?

2. Dia 12 - Chichen Itza: Read number 3 por favor

1. Dia 13-17 - Cancun/Playa del Carmen: I want you to close your eyes and think of this for a moment. You have been living a year of bad ass things in a bad ass country. Traveling, learning new stuff and discovering about yourslef, you can now honestly say that you are part of this country. And even though you live in a beautiful place, they invite you to go to paradise, a place the locals here call cancun. You'll be going there with people from every continent in the world, that you love from the bottom of your heart, doing the beach bum, drinking beers and listening to your favorite latina music. I don't think we, exchange students, even understand the power of this paradise. Beaches, dancing in latino clubs, simply doing the things that would make god proud of having invented a place like this. After those few days, I wont say that I'm part of this country, I'll say that this country is part of me.

Good luck sleeping to all the exchange students

la familia

I just reached every continent in the world with this blog

jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011

World | dlroW

I hate myself for doing this, but too bad.

I just noticed that I'm starting to have views from all over the world (Belarus, China, Denmark and Malaysia just to name a few), and I would really appreciate those people that come from countries I never thought I would reach, could suggest this blog to their friends, even if it's only putting it on facebook, the help would really be appreciated. And to all the people I personally know from other countries, the same request is asked. I don't think any one understand how much facebook opens doors so quickly. Thanks for the help and thanks for being part of the adventure

El jefe

miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

less shape|shapeless

Little boy wakes up, eats a toast, square. Goes outside, takes the bus, square. Gets off, talks to nobody, thinks about everything, walks in the school, square. Asks the teacher if he believes in God, so she looks inside the box. The answer sounds like the start of Malcom in the middle, "yes no maybe; I don't know; can you repeat the question?" So Little boy runs away to another place, another world, shapeless. He thinks without volume, looks without lines and talks without corners. But after a while living in a shapeless world, he notices, he's going no where, running fast to a place that says "LOST". Without angles or speed, withoutn point A or point B, he's walking in circles in a shapeless world, running away from the box, unhappier. So he decides to think outside of it and get back in it, that shape he's been hidding from without any target. He slowly understands that he needs his corners, his anchors. Now Little boy is back we can see him walking happily around the box, but he's still cutting the corners, his thoughts will never stop going 'round and 'round in his shapeless world.


This blog is not suppose to be reposting; but let's make an exception for something so beautiful... The description of love from a man I really look up to (Scott ''the sartorialist'' Schuman). This guy was able to take out the cheesiness from poetic beauty.

“I hate to say it, but it wasn’t even super-sexual in the beginning,” Schuman says. “I was going through a divorce and stuff, but I just kept thinking, You’re going to be so great when you’re old. Here’s this beautiful young French girl, and I’m going, She’s going to be really great when she’s old. I grew up reading designers’ ideas about women, like: She’s so strong, she rules the world, whatever. I wouldn’t want to be with a girl like that, who’s type A. Garance is smart, driven, all these great Corsican qualities of self-determination, but she’s totally fragile. Totally insecure. That’s a real human. That’s the whole package.”

“I am very lucky,” says Doré.

The couple beams.