lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Update I

Hey everyone, I'll be trying to update you guys every day, I highly doubt I'm gonna do it, but it's a good start. So today, number 5 on my to-do list (being brasilian) was accomplish. Even though it's a every day goal, today was bad asser then ever. We were in the bus for 9 hours, and I was in the brazilian region of the bus, so I sung and danced and screamed, AND learned how to play de samba beat on a tambourine... So number 5, check, number for is tomorrow. It's call ''el canon del sumidero'' and it's amazing. All I need to tell you is that the two walls on the side of the canon are 600m high. Amazing!!!

Hasta luego amigos

domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Un voyage de ma vie, d'une vie ou de la vie?

Hola a todos, hey every one, bonjour tous le monde, gütten tag.

We needed two things to start this post. First an international "how are you" (check), and second, a cheesy line (almost check). If life is not about the amount of breaths you take but the amount of moments that take your breath away (cheesy line check), well I wont be fuckin breathing for 18 straight days, and ironically that's what life is all about. Thank you to everyone that supported me in this experience, and to all the ones that said I should go to university, or this year is a lost of time, I'll make sure that the pictures will be like a big finger in your face :). I now have to finish my luggages, that is pretty much made of t-shirts w or w/o sleaves, shorts, and a pair of freshly and illegaly bought ray bands... Oh yeah, we are exchange-student-awesome.

Trip of a lifetime, for sure, 100%. Being with people from every continent is way more then sufficient, but adding to that, an amazing background, this trip will be more amazing then my grandfather's mustache (salut papou).

Hopefully you wont be too jealous... Pffff, just kidding.

Bisou a la famille, et pour les amis, on se voit sur le gasibo dans 2 mois (si vous etes d'accord, ecrivez OUI sur mon mur de fb, jvais comprendre)

jueves, 21 de abril de 2011

The opinion

I haven't seen my sister in a long time (clin d'oeil caca), the here and there facebook message but except that, not much. So it's not suprising that every thing I see kind of makes me think of her. And the last reminder of her was the movie I just saw, Fair Game. The movie is about the true story of Valerie Palme, an undercover CIA agent in the following years after 9/11, and how the White House revealed her identity, and the whole media fight that ended up ruining her career. But like every thing in the ''The opinion on...'', the post is never about the book or the movie or the painting, it's about the idea that got inspired by the book, movie, painting. So here we go, the opinion on the medias.

I've always hated journalists. It's a known fact, journalists are people not cool enough to make the news, so they write it. And I hate my sister and aunt when the journalists in them gets out. Adding to that, I'm more of a scientific guy, politics are border-line borring, but when supper time arrives, my dad (the admistrator) vs my sister (the journalists) are always making pretty good fights about politics. Did I care about those fights? Nope, I use to do small talk with my mom in those moments of world war III between my dad and my sis. However, in the last few years, I finally accpeted my role of a good citizen, being interested in politics. And seeing in a country like Mexico how democracy is not always a right (sorry but having the option between PAN and PRI is like the opinion between alien vs predetor, we lose both way), I got more intersted in the power of the media.

The medias are the anti-government, the organized voice of the people. Hearing my sister talking with her journalists friends, I would ask myself what is the difference between them and a revolution. but that's the best we, the citizens, have. They really are the democracy in any democratic country, without them, politics is just like chess, and we are the peices. They are the freedom, they don't have any filtres to what they say, the only filtre they have is the one they put on themselves, so they can keep they're credibility.

The cool thing about the media is that they're asking the questions, and even though the answer is more important then the question, they have the power of asking the good question, and by good I mean the one that will make the one answering sweat like a freshman at his first exam.

Once my dad told me, ''in the french part of Canada (where I'm from, no it's not Quebec, it's called New-Brunswick) speaking french is not enough to make us have the right to be francophone'', we have to ask for a service in french at Subway even though we speak english, and always start speaking to a stranger in french. I feel the same way about democracy, siting on your bum doesn't give you the right to vote. Talking example in my oh-so loved country, Mexico, the government is way to strong because there's no force of the media (sorry Televista, you're worst then Fox), there's no voice of the people. And even though it always embarresed me to ask for my right for a service in french, it's a necessary move to keep our rights.

So I tell you, start denonciating the electricity line that's too low, or the politician that's accepting fraude, that's us screaming, and they hear us, and they're scared, thanks to the media, the difference between the citizens sounding like a crying baby or like an actual force.

Last thing, to all my fellow canadians, go vote on May 2nd. And you may vote for Harper or Ignatieff, heck, you're maybe gonna cry because you can't vote for Obama, but what you HAVE to do is make sure you always protest, don't let you're government be to strong, make sure that the strongest voice is always the one of people, our voice.

Jtaime caca

miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

Puebla I

All of my friends from my city randomly left for an other city 6 hours away called Taxco, and even though I was invited, for unexpected reasons, I didn't go. So what did I do, I went to the main city of my state, Puebla, to visit the city and the people I know there. The stuff that I did but you will not see on this post... Bars, wrestling and black market

Chillin' at a coffee shop and this hippy band comes up, sits right next to us and start playing... So what's the next step. Dancing. Me and Cullen (USA) start dancing the basketball dance, tyoe of dance that you act like you have an invisible basketball, and you pass it back and forth, dribbling at the same time. It's an amazingly stupid dance, but the crowd love it. I wouldn't be suprise if we would be on the facebooks of a lot of americans, since the coffee shop was situated in a very touristic place.

Don't ask me who or what is this, I don't know. But the point is not history, the point is beauty. And beauty is even more impacting when you don't even start asking yourself questions, you just stand there and absorb the moment. It's easier when there's a wall like this every corner like in Puebla.

Do you know what I mean about EVERY CORNER

Brazil!!!! If you read the post on the ruta maya, you'll see that I'm in love with this country and those people... Lorenço (black hair) and Guilherme (blond hair), are two good examples why I think it's an awesome country

 Church... There's a different city then Puebla called cholula, and in cholula there's appx. 365 churches. The rest of the city is bars... We love Mexico

I'm the one with the cam, if you were wondering

Mexico is a colorful country, but Puebla is an even more colorful city. Every wall is either painted those kinds of colors, or made out of bricks with a funky design

 Statue, once again, too much culture and history in mexico and puebla to know eery thing there is to know

 Hang-over? Come to mexico, the greatest hangover food restaurant in the world. Every thing is either greasy or spicy, or both, and the worst part is, this meal was for breakfast.

Lucky shot