miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

Puebla I

All of my friends from my city randomly left for an other city 6 hours away called Taxco, and even though I was invited, for unexpected reasons, I didn't go. So what did I do, I went to the main city of my state, Puebla, to visit the city and the people I know there. The stuff that I did but you will not see on this post... Bars, wrestling and black market

Chillin' at a coffee shop and this hippy band comes up, sits right next to us and start playing... So what's the next step. Dancing. Me and Cullen (USA) start dancing the basketball dance, tyoe of dance that you act like you have an invisible basketball, and you pass it back and forth, dribbling at the same time. It's an amazingly stupid dance, but the crowd love it. I wouldn't be suprise if we would be on the facebooks of a lot of americans, since the coffee shop was situated in a very touristic place.

Don't ask me who or what is this, I don't know. But the point is not history, the point is beauty. And beauty is even more impacting when you don't even start asking yourself questions, you just stand there and absorb the moment. It's easier when there's a wall like this every corner like in Puebla.

Do you know what I mean about EVERY CORNER

Brazil!!!! If you read the post on the ruta maya, you'll see that I'm in love with this country and those people... Lorenço (black hair) and Guilherme (blond hair), are two good examples why I think it's an awesome country

 Church... There's a different city then Puebla called cholula, and in cholula there's appx. 365 churches. The rest of the city is bars... We love Mexico

I'm the one with the cam, if you were wondering

Mexico is a colorful country, but Puebla is an even more colorful city. Every wall is either painted those kinds of colors, or made out of bricks with a funky design

 Statue, once again, too much culture and history in mexico and puebla to know eery thing there is to know

 Hang-over? Come to mexico, the greatest hangover food restaurant in the world. Every thing is either greasy or spicy, or both, and the worst part is, this meal was for breakfast.

Lucky shot

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