miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012

Film cameras are ghetto

Bought a good camera, lost it, start using my parents' film camera and now I'm stuck with 4-5 undeveloped films... So guess what I'm doing today? Aaaahhhhh yeeeaaaahhhh!!!! And I'm extra excited because first, I forgot where I was when I was taking these pictures, and second, there's a lomogrophy film in there... So yeah, I know you're excited; like really really excited, so I'll post some soon.

Hasta tomorrow amigos

lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

Procrastination - Level: expert

You have a lot of things to do but you decide to go on your computer instead because you're just that cool... What to do; facebook? Fuck that! Here is my top 5 websites to procrastinate.

5. twitter.com

Classic social media. You get news from people that you know, but also people that you've never met but are incredibly funny/interesting; don't really need to explain it more than that.

4. thesartorialist.blogspot.com

Selected as one of Time magazine's top 100 design influencers, Scott Schuman created this blog after leaving his job. He was taking pictures of people he saw whose style he found striking. So if you like fashion, or just a lot of inspiring pictures, check it out.

3. goodmusic-blog.com

This is Kanye's blog, he does a lot of showing off and advertising for G.O.O.D music, but if you like Ye, Big Sean, Kid Cudi, Pusha-T and the whole crew, who the hell cares. A lot of pictures and videos full of swag.

2. r-e-l-i-c.com

This is a really pointless one, but as an artist, it always seems to inspire me. This one is actually only pictures, no words, no titles, just fun inspiring images.

1. thefancy.com

Like pinterest, but way cooler. Awesome personalities from all over the world post pictures of new designs for everything from mugs to bicycle to pillows. A hipster heaven invented by capitalism, they also have the direct link to where you can by the new object of your dreams; and the best of all, they often have discounts so you'll only have to pay 50$ for that pair of channel socks. 

So here you have it kiddos... Now GO PROCRASTINATE GO!!!