miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

less shape|shapeless

Little boy wakes up, eats a toast, square. Goes outside, takes the bus, square. Gets off, talks to nobody, thinks about everything, walks in the school, square. Asks the teacher if he believes in God, so she looks inside the box. The answer sounds like the start of Malcom in the middle, "yes no maybe; I don't know; can you repeat the question?" So Little boy runs away to another place, another world, shapeless. He thinks without volume, looks without lines and talks without corners. But after a while living in a shapeless world, he notices, he's going no where, running fast to a place that says "LOST". Without angles or speed, withoutn point A or point B, he's walking in circles in a shapeless world, running away from the box, unhappier. So he decides to think outside of it and get back in it, that shape he's been hidding from without any target. He slowly understands that he needs his corners, his anchors. Now Little boy is back we can see him walking happily around the box, but he's still cutting the corners, his thoughts will never stop going 'round and 'round in his shapeless world.

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