jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

It's late, art is rushing in my head

    Sorry for every one that this could offense... This is purely artistic, don´t think anything else about it, there is nothing else behind it. Even if I wrote that this blog was for family and friends, it' s not true. Every thing on this blog is for random persons in the world that think what I have to say is worth reading. Its also for me to have a place to show one side of me... Im sorry, I forgpt to tell you I have an artistic side the last time I didn't want to talk to you. I can't even let the extra cafeine at 3h00 speak, people are asking me if Im depress... Sorry for this mad start to a good post, but some fuckers told me I should take this post out off my blog. How about not talking and just appreciate?

     Lights on, open the door. It´s showtime, once again. Everybody is already eating, drinking, laughing, forgetting they´re just human beings. We take a few steps, slow, slow, slowly, just like in those scary movie. Because, you´re right, I´m damn scared, nobody yet has seen that part of me. Now you´re here, everybody can see. We sit down, look up, everybodies faces down, we celebrate, glass up. You might become invisible, hopefully.
    Slow, slow, slowly, I start eating, drinking, forgetting that you´re laughing, because I´m just being. Without me you wouldn´t be here. Everytime I look at ourselves in the mirror, I make Satan look pretty. You´re the one they call the monster, contaminating me. Fuck! We talked too loud. Fuck! They´re looking at you, us, me now. Don´t move, they´ll forget, we´ll be part of the crowd. But they´ve never seen something that ugly. Think, Think. Slow, slow, slowly. I put my glass up, make a toast to the douche bags. A good reason to drink the whole bottle, slow, slow, quickly. Now I´m drunk, forgetting, and my monster is leaving. Now I´m like all of them, slow, slow, stupidity. Now the girls are coming. One, five, too many. Now the whole facebook is adding. Jocks, bimbos, your granny? So that´s what they wanted, simplicity? Without the monster, they can´t know me. I rather be nobody then somebody with just a body. I know, he´s killing me and my chance to be happy. But without him, I refuse to be… Sadly.
    So I throw my glass in the face of happiness right in front of me. Lights off, close the door. Shows over, finally. I hope they understand that I really understand that they´ll never understand me. Can´t wait to be swimming in my dreams, where we can finally be one, unity. So I fall asleep, slow, slow, happy. Hopefully leaving the world for a bit, infinity.

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