lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011


Oh my god, my worst fear is becoming reality.

A while ago I asked if something is completely worthless for someone, does it have to be worthless for you? The answer I ended up finding is no, but it's pretty damn hard to keep the value that it has for you, personally. 

And that is exactly what happened to me with my Mexico experience. It has now become a memory, and this can be really bad or really good.

Bad because it means that it's over, done, kaput; but good become now I can look at it from a distance, remember it and smile. And it's in that step that I became lazy, I stopped thinking about my experience. Why? well because it hurts, because I got better things to do then remember and I just simply don't want to feel nostalgic.

It's at that moment that my best friend made me notice that it has to hurts, you have to remember and nostalgia is not such a bad thing. You see, you can't always be going to a higher level that where you are now, you can't always be working towards something better, because if you do, well you're always leaving something behind, and sometimes leaving that thing behind stops you from going forward; that's what was happening to me. I forgot about every body that was there for me for a year, every one that made that small effort to make me who I am today.

Sometime I'm just so scare to feel something that might no lead to happiness, that I stop myself from going through the steps that bring me to it. I guess what I do with love is the same thing that I do with nostalgia.

So let me say that I am sorry that I turned into a snobby person for a few months, I just didn't have the energy to miss Mexico.

But I've noticed that even though remembering Mexico hurts, forgetting it is suicidal.

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