sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2011

The opinion on... generalization

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal then other"

Well that's a cheesy way to start a post. Quotes sucks, I hate them, but they're a pretty trendy way to start an article, and all you cliche artsy people out there love them, so why not.

Talking about cliche, I've been hearing people getting mad at me for using my favorite weapon in the whole world of rhetoric; generalization. They're only way of attacking me is telling me "you can't stereotype like that because everyone is unique". Well that sucks, how do you want me to say anything else after that? They just used the most basic fact of sociology, everyone is different.

But that argument, even though amazingly accurate, doesn't mean that stereotyping is wrong.

So first let me tell you why we need stereotyping.

Stereotyping is necessary in our world because, as a human race, we want to figure out some stuff. We want everything to be cause and effect, and that's why stereotypes are so hated on, because humans are dynamics, hens cause and effects don't work as well as other sciences. However that doesn't mean we can't try it.

Look, let's say that 80% of the people that study sociology are voting liberal, saying that 80% of sociologist are liberal is to long and complicated, and not saying anything (because you can't really say anything, cause not all sociologist are liberal) is pretty boring and completely pointless, like I already said, saying that everybody is unique his nothing unheard of. So what is the last thing you can say about sociologist is that they are liberal. Yeah, 20% of the time I'll be wrong, but at least I said something that can evolve to a higher thought, and that is what us, as humans want.

But now, let me tell you something, I am not completely retarded, I know that there are good and bad stereotypes. So where is the line? Simple, the line between a charasterictic of someone that you can stereotype, or make a higher value judgement of, is between the charasteristic that that person choose, and the ones that are forced on him/her. Ex, you can't judge someone on the color of his skin, his economical situation that he was borned in (when he is older, that is a little different because the decision he made are the one influencing his paycheck, actually, economists think that if you average the salary of your 4 best friends, it's pretty close to yours). However, you can completely judge someone on the stuff he chooses (his job, does he have kids, size of his house/car) because in the end, generalization is the root of logic.

So here it is, the opinion on generalization. The fastest way to the truth.

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