lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

'But you can at least take a camera, shoot a viral. Huh?'


Maybe what I meant in the ZAMM post by the verb 'facebooking' wasn't only meant for the internet, maybe it was meant for every kind of technology or object surrounding us (by that I mean from the internet, to the car we own, to the shoes we wear). I feel like technologie is too big of a part in our lives comparing to the quality of the relationship with have with it. Technologie is all around us, and we're damn scared of it. It's too cold, without life.Now we have 2 techiques to fix that. Avoid technology or improve our relationship. The first technique is superficial and only temporary. I've seen people talking about how books are better then movies, however books are still technologie.
So now let's talk about the second option wich is working on the problem on a more fundamental level. Let's surround technologie with ourselves, instead of the other way around. When was the last time we painted on our shoes, wrote in the book we are reading, fixed our own washing machine. We don't do that, we're scared of it, we have to much respect for technology, always forgetting that it's actually not that complicated. And when their is respect, their almost always fear. I remeber my aunt telling me that the youth is way better with computer then before, but we have no clue how to write codes and create programs. The basic you know. That's why we are so scared of it, because we don't know what's inside of it. So if we do a metaphor between every type of technology and a computer, let's break open our computer, look inside, ask us what every part does, fix it, break it, change its color, add something to it. So now we wont be scared of touching our computer, because now the computer is part of us, its listening to what we say, it has nothing over us, even if it can do operations and work better and faster. But that's what we created it for, no?

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  1. swear to god, j'ai actually essayé d'appliquer ça dans ma vie quotidienne depuis que tu m'en a parlé l'autre jour. j'ai encore peur de ma caméra.. oups! mais ça s'en vient

  2. Je suis d'accord mon frére, et je vois que ce livre te affecte. L'exemple que je toujours utilise est avec mon vélo. Si quelque chose est cassé, j'ai deux options.
    1. Je l'amene a le magasin, et des mécaniques la fixent, je vais les payer, et reçois mon vélo. Est fixé, mais n'ai pas appris quoi que ce soit
    2. Je peux acheter un livre de maintenance de vélos, peut-etre aller a ce magasin et demander des conseils ou pieces, mais quand je le fais, je vais ai appris comment c'est fait.

  3. yeah jf told me about what you did with the book and i really like the way you think! it's so true that we're scared of technology!! now i really want to read that book