miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011


Yo...received my camera today :D. I've been doubting for so long if I wanted one, and now that I have it in my hand, I regret buying it... IM KIDDING, I love it, dont know why I didnt bought one before. Its a nikon D3000 if anybody cares.

But the subject of this post is about family, not camera. Today, I read the blog of an american living in puebla, if I have the permission to quote, she said "I always wanted to be able to say 'no, I cant go out tonight, I'm chilling with my family'." And this couldnt be truer for me. This is the aspect of my life that will be changed the most by this country, a country still undefinable for me. Back on subject, I spend half of my week ends with my family here, and by family, I mean cousins, aunts, the whole package. And I love it. Im noticing that the only person, and Im so lucky to be able to say this because I know people that cant say the same about there family, but the only persons that will always be there for me, are my family. Even more, I'm bassing my best friends on my grand pa and my dad, taking my sense of humor from every men in my family, my need to travel from my aunt and sister (wich is in france right now, I love her), my sis also influences my taste in women, and her taste in men influences my style, because I to, want to attract woman like my dear sister. All of that just to say in Canada, I have a 10000 friends, but I mostly only have memories in commun with them. Here, my circle is way smaller, wich also mean way tighter. I want to do with my life, mostly with the help of the smallest and best circle I have, my family, what favebook is doing to tge world, wich means creating circles around you, opening the world around, but knowing that the quality of someone is based on the quality and not quantity of his friends. And the best quality is most of the time founded indside the family's house.

Ex: I know a lot of kids that only see their parents 2 times a year, its completly innecceptable in the culture that Im surrounded by right now (and believe me, mexico has a very strong culture, it surrounds you at every corner, in every plate and in every family). I think the point is friends are there for you, and they might understand you, however you dont notice it, but they almost always slowly slip away. Onve again, Im very lucky to be able to say this, but my family will alaways be there for me.

p.s.: I choosed "l'homme invisible" for the next book I'm reading.
p.s.2: I next posts will be: pics from my new camera, explaning the book I just finished and the adventure behind it, what's going to happen in the nxt few months, and my adventure of "la ruta de la independancia"

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