jueves, 14 de julio de 2011


G.O.D. once told me
Don't think further then your eyes can see
So I looked up, saw darkness, scary

What if that's all life has to give to little boy
Timeless space, useless thoughts, thoughtless decisions
And all that just to destroy

Man, and then we ask ourselves why we can't sleep at night
Satan's sitting right next to us
Looking at us and the bright lights of our night fights

But what if I keep dreaming 'till he stops looking at me, what if I keep holding this line 'till there's no more place for it to be, what if I keep thinking, 'till life is scared of me?

What if that's all life has to give to me
If ignorance is bliss, let me ask the devil...
yup he agrees, time to forget about...me

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