domingo, 10 de julio de 2011

Was I just dreaming?

    Exchange year was exactly like a dream... But the bad side of it, the waking up part. You know how you try to tell people ''man, my dream last night was so weird/cool/freaky/suprising/every thing'' and then you tell them everything that happened step by step and at the end of the story they're like ''hahaha, cool''...

 Wait, ''cool...'' that's all you have to say, ''cool...'', it was awesome!!!! 

     But then you notice that they weren't there..And then you get depressed, saying to yourself that nobody understands you and everything is just... grey.  It's like I'm asking myself if something is only real for me, is it real?... I know I went on an exchange year, I got pictures and stories and friends, still, if all these things are without values for the people that I'm showing them to, does it become without value for me? A piece of paper can be worth a million dollars for you, sentimental value, you will only be able to sell it for the buyer's value, so does it mean that what it's worth for you is nothing?...

Maybe I was just dreaming... So can you please let me go back to sleep for a while

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