viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

The opinion on... learning

We always hear that we should have an open mind, and that's even more important when we discover something, or figure something out. We try to not let culture, religion or any other thing get in the way of a real ''virgen thought'', a thought that is said to be closer to the truth, and what else do we want more than the truth?

But there's one thing we cannott stop being influenced by, our senses/experience (don't get mad Sr. John Locke, I'm not going against empiricism). (empiricism is the philosophy that believes that knowledge is the sum of everything we observe.)

But yeah, enough with te parantheses, let's get back to the point, we are too influenced by our senses. Let me try to explain it to you like that. The first step to discovering something is observing it. So we observe something simple, example when Sr. Isaac Newton saw the apple falling from the tree, then we invent a name for it, then laws to go around it. Makes sense. However think about it this way, if the gravity would actually make apples flight away from the earth, don't you think we would have invented a law to prove that? I don't think we would have studied it and the said, ''no, that doesn't make sense, according to our studies, two physical bodies attract each others with a force proportional to their mass.'' So now the question comes, if we can pretty much prove everything, by inventing laws and making sense out of it, why don't we only prove what we can observe? Is the truth only made out of reality? And if we would start proving '' non reality'', wouldn't it become part of our world, or wouldn't it atleast explain something we didn't expect?

Now imagine that we would start making laws about stuff that is not true. Making laws about the gravity which pulls us upward, and about 2+2=3, and about why can we see through walls. We would really use the other 80% of our brain that we don't touch. And if you really think about it, the chances that we discover a ''new'' truth are pretty high, so when you don't have anything else to do (like right now), invent a whole new law that makes sense about something that doesn't... Now that's thinking outside the box.

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