lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

9 days

9 days left, and Canada.

It´s the perfect time to tell you why an exchange is not a year inside of a life, but a life inside of a year (don´t give me credit for the cheasy line, every rotarian exchange student knows it).

Let´s play a little game, I tell you something I would do in Canada, and then add all the little things that make it cooler, just because of the exchange year situation.

Dancing: with an american, swedish and danish at 4000m on top of a mountain named after the biggest trader in the history of Mexico (La Malinche).

Driving: in a golf cart, with mexicans and germans, way to fast because we have to go from one side of the island to the other in 20 min, oh and the island is in the middle of the carribean sea.

Play soccer: with people from every continent, in front of the National Palace, in the 4th biggest city in the world, with cops running after us telling us that it is not acceptable.

Drinking: next to the biggest structure in the world (Piramide de Cholula, this stat is based on the size of the base of the structure not the volume) with one of the prettiest church in Mexico, flotting on top of it, once again with people from all over the world.

Learning: a new language, but this is not the language you would be suppose to learn in your exchange year (spanish), but one that you learned just because you were with native speakers 24\7 (portugues).

Going out: in Cancun, and they put a big spotlight on the 60 exchange student in the middle of the floor, because we just started a flashmob :P.

Those are all the small things that when you take time to notice it, it makes you cry, because you know that the exchange year is the only year in your life that can bring you all those things, in such a small period of time, a life time in a year.

There is now know question why we say that this year is surreal, why it´s a dream that we don´t want to wake up from, because it´s a year full of moments so unique, we can´t even dream of having an other dream like this.

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