viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

Inspiration II

Scott Mescudi (KiD cUdI)

"Ignorance the coke man, ignorance the bliss, ignorance the love and I need that shit"

Scott Mescudi, well he´s a singer, actor, rapper, but much more, a guy that put depression on the main street. But why is that a good thing? Well the man kind (man as in masculine, not human) is in danger because of the lack of acceptance in depression. It´s one of the hardest thing to accept, and he did it pretty well. That´s probably why being a man is pretty hard, being sad depressed in love happy, or simply with any kind of feeling, is not cool.

So why should every man have a bit of Scott Mescudi inside? Because it will make you survive a bit longer. All the stress that we hold up inside is a killer, so try to release a bit every once in a while. However, don´t be a little girl doing it, he always kept it cool, so keep it cool. Remember, your invinsible, but it still hurts sometimes.

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