lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

Inspiration IV

Papou (my grand-dad)

When your heart cries, you know he's warm, when your heart likes to cry, you know he's pretty cold

He's kind of like the most interesting man on earth from dos equis. I'm not saying he's the most interesting man, but he's bad ass like him. Mustache, still has all his hair (wich was red, but is nw blond), builds his own sail boats, had a cat, smokes out of a pipe, just the best example of a man that doesn't bleed. He represents the poeticness behind being a man, strenght, wisdom, humility. Just a guy that you listen when he opens his mouth, wich he doesn't do often. He commands respect in everything he does.

There is a very manly thing that our society doesn't do a lot any more, but I feel like we should go back to it. Having a mentor, and then be one. A mentor is never a perfect man, but always a wise one. He does't lead by experience because he probably did a lot of mistakes in his early life, but that is what makes his words greater then him. I can't wait to be a mentor like him.

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