domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

Inspiration III

Scott Schuman/The sartorialist

"You never know what it is, what that hing is that draws you to that person, but you just let it happen. You know, and, it seems odd but you know it`s almost like going out there and letting yourslef fall in love a little bit every day; letting yourslef be seduced a little bit every day."

A small guy from Indiana that played football, Scott Shuman had nothing of a futur fashion super star. And that`s what makes him great. When you don`t have any influences, when you never trained to be something or plan to be that something, but you just simply fall in love with it, the quality of the result comes automatically. He thinks about beauty like it should be. An undescribable moment. He doesn`t think if the outfit is right or wrong, why or why not, he takes a picture of a moment, that`s the moment where he falls in love every day. He doesn`t report it, he really shoots it in the romantic way of thing.

Happy father`s day

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